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#thebabyquestion Work In Progress

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The Baby Question

#thebabyquestion is a devised research based performance by three female performers, investigating how the decision of whether or not to have a child impacts women differently than men, and the pressure it can create on career and relationships. Why are contraception, parenting, and fertility still so often seen as "women's issues"? In 1974 the contraceptive pill was made available by prescription to single women for the first time on the NHS. What has changed since then in the way we discuss not when or how but whether a woman has or wants to have children?

Paula began research and development on #thebabyquestion a year ago, quickly realising that unlike her previous performances, this was a subject that felt too expansive for a solo work. In order to create something more universal than her own experience, she approached Luca Rutherford and Catriona James, theatre makers she respected, was excited by and liked, and both with very different relationships to the baby question in their personal lives, than her own.

Together the three of them share an interest in using performance as a way of sparking conversations with audiences about themes that matter to them. #thebabyquestion is their first collaboration.