Anti SlamPaula Varjack

How I Became Myself (By Becoming Someone Else)


A “performed documentary” that explores identity and reinvention by reflecting on the process of naming and name change. A journey into transformation, discovery and that elusive thing called authenticity. Who is the "real" you? What does that even mean? What's in a name? How does it shape us? Does creating a new you have the potential, paradoxically, to bring you closer to yourself?

The show fuses live performance with video interview and sound design, playing with the ways we present and perhaps even broadcast ourselves in performative, social and media contexts.

It was created as part of Chelsea Theatre’s Fresh Blood programme in 2014. Though a solo performance, it was made in collaboration with Olivia Vergon (Video Designer/Editor), Tom Lyle Severn (Videographer) Ania Przygoda (Sound Designer) and then underwent further development with Director Kellie Tori.